Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 18

SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT Riversong Guitars By Andrew King E arly in my interview with Riversong Guitars founder Mike Miltimore, he puts me on speakerphone momentarily to take a panoramic photo of his surroundings and asks where to send it. The subject is “My World,” and the picture could have easily been lifted from a tourism website. Miltimore is standing behind Riversong’s manufacturing facility in Kamloops, BC, situated between two parks in the middle of the city. It’s not the first time he’ll mention Kamloops over the course of our conversation – far from it, in fact. Even the company’s name alludes to its location, as Kamloops is the anglicized version of the Shuswap word for “meeting of the waters,” referring to the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River. What’s more, the name was crowdsourced from the local community, as Lee’s Music hosted a contest to name the company with the winner getting a free guitar. A local tattoo artist submitted Riversong, and even designed the logo that graces the company’s headstocks. Miltimore is clearly proud of where he’s from, and more importantly, knows that where he’s from has played a big part in the success that he and his colleagues have been enjoying of late. “We make high-quality, high-end acoustic guitars, and I want to make them out of woods from around Kamloops and build them here in Kamloops and send them around the world,” he states proudly, and they’ve been doing more and more of that with each passing year since Riversong was officially founded in 2012. Miltimore has been in the MI industry for most of his life. He began working at his family’s MI store, Lee’s Music – based, of course, in Kamloops – in 1986. That spawned a lifelong admiration for – and curiosity about – guitars. In the ensuing years, he and his father would continue to service guitars while also building some custom instruments themselves, though it wasn’t until a fateful trip to the multiplex years later that Miltimore would set his sights on luthiery as his calling. In 2006, Lee’s Music was busy enough that they hired a new guitar repairperson, Mike Trelenberg, to handle the service department while the Miltimores focused on the retail operation. Shortly thereafter, the two Mikes went to see Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. “We came out, and I looked at Mike and said, ‘We have to start building guitars.’” He purchased a modest amount of equipment and started building cust BY][ۘ[Z]\۝[X[H[ݘ][[[\ݚ[H\H\K8'^BYXH\Z[HX[\Z]\8'HZ[[[ܙB^Z[ˈ8'H[[][H[Y[NSQPSUTPQBTUTӑSRRHRSSSԑH SJx&TRUTQԈHSSH\\وX\K[[XZH]\ۘ]B[ܙH܈\]HHY\[\ۘ[]8$Hܛ\^H\\ۘHH][YHۙ[Y\[ۋ'B]\H]Y\]\Y^YX\˜[Y][Y[ZHHY]\BY\XHX\[K[ LZ[[[ܙH\XYH[[\[H8'\[\Z]\Z[\8'H][[[BX\Y XY\[[Hو\ۘ[K[YK[\Z[8'H\H[^\B^\܈YK8'HH^\˂]YX\H\[\][Y[[و[YH H\[[[B][\][ XY[HZ[›Z[]Y܈H[[[\[]\قHYX\]\ ]\ۙ[Y\[\[œXۙ 8'[]Y[Yوܙ\™܈\Z]\8'H][\YHX[˂']\X\HYHYXH[H[[H][[Y\\YۈHXܞHH[Z[[[[[Z[[[Y[H[[Y\X˸'BZ[[[ܙH[]\ۙ\H\[ܙB[\\Y[[ݘ][[\][^[›ۈ[H8'YH'H[ˈ8'YHوHYx&\Hܚ[ۈ\۸&]\X\XZ]\8'BZ[[[ܙH\\ˈ8'\]Y][ۈ BYH\H^HZ]\\\[Y][›وH]]^HH\X\X[[Y[\HH[][XX8'HH^\Y\[[]\ۙ&\]\][Y[8$˜[X\XZ]\][[XX\^HB[Z[ Z[\X[\H^H\[\Z]\\ܛX[KRQH\[KHۙH[Y]\[ݘ][ۈ[[][]H[Y[H\Xˈ8'^Bܞ\[[\۸&]ܚ][ H[[\Z[[][\\YK8'HZ[[[ܙHYZ]ˈ8'H\[H\›]\Y[X][]8&\X][œY][X[H]HY[[H\H[]] 'B]8&\[ܙH[]Y[^x&\BXYY[\[H\]YX\]\ۙš\[X\Y[[و]\[XY\Y]H[\K^x&]H\[YZ]\[YHZ[\\[X[H[]YH^YHوYH\H[\ܝ[[H[XZ܈Z]\^Y\[BXYH]][ZHHܘ[[^H]\˜[PH]\ˈ]H]\Z[[[ܙHYH]]Z]\[[H8'HZ]\[Y[ZH[X]\X] 'B]8&\Y][^H[YܙYHۋ\و[H H  M]\ۙ\œ[[\XH[YX[X[\[\BZY[Hو[\H]\[]YXYYۘK]\ۙ&\\X܈و[\][ۘ[[\˂YY\^KZ[[[ܙKXYYۘK[Z\X[H\H[ܝ\\[\B[[Y[[Z\[ݘ]]H\Yۜ]]Z[\XܛH[H[H\[[›]X]YܚY\ZH[XXZ]\˜[[\YX][ۋ]8&\X\Hۈ[HܞHو]\ۙ‘Z]\]H\[H\ۙ][\ۂ[[\\]HZXܞH]H[\][ۘ[]\XX[][]H\X[˂Y܈YH[XH]Y[[X[˂[][\HY]܋Z[PYYق[YX[]\XYK