Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 14

Steve’s Music Montreal Forced to Move ESTA Announces New Alliance with NAMM for 2018 Show The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) has announced an alliance with NAMM to work with them in expanding The NAMM Show to include a special focus on the live event technol- ogy community. This opportunity was made possible by the addition of a new building at the Anaheim Convention Center, where The NAMM Show is held every January. The additional space will allow the 2018 edition to offer the event technology industry a diverse show floor, more robust professional education, and a series of relevant networking events. Hall A of the convention centre will be transformed into a con- trolled environment, ideal for showcasing lighting, rigging, and stag- ing products and services. Professional development opportunities, as advised by ESTA, will offer career-enhancing topics and education sessions designed for both established and emerging entertainment technology professionals. The convention centre’s arena will provide demo and hands-on opportunities to delve into each facet of enter- tainment technology. For more information, go to 14 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Steve’s Music’s flagship Montreal store, one of the best-known music and audio product stores in Canada, is being forced to move from its longtime Saint Antoine Street loca- tion. The store will relocate to 150 Ste-Catherine St. E., with plans to reopen in early [ 'x&\H[ݚ[X]\Hx&\HܘYX]\HH[8'HܙHX[Y\[ۈ^[H[۝X[^]H]\\H\H\H]x&\]\Xš\Y[]Y܈ݙ\ LYX\\Hۙ][\]HYX\Y[^H]HXZ]YZ\^X][ۈ\\HH]K8'x&]H[^HYH\B\[[\YYH[x&]HݙY[]\HZ[]x)ZXY[\X[ܙHۙ\B\\X[Hܛ[HܙK][[H]HXH[Hݙ\Y[[[H\\܈^X][ۋ[HZ]\܈[H\[\Y]\[۝[YK'BH]H]H\X[[YHܙH[ NMH[[ۙH\و]ۈ[H[۝X[\XHوH]K[H][[HܙH\^[Y\X]YK^Z[[Y[ZY\[X\[HZ[[ݙ\HYX\H[\H]\ܙH۝XZ[]ۛۈ܈]\ X^K[ZH^[] '\[[8&MK^Hܘ[]\YH]ۈ]Y[]8&\\[B ^HY\Y\\[\[H\ NH\YH\HYX\Y˜Hو\^\Y[H\[[HZ[[8'HZXY[\X[]x&\ۈ[\[B H^]K8']\\[H\H[[[ۘ[܈[و\ˈx&\HZ[™]H\]و\Z[[[H]\[\ˈ]8&\ZH[^H]\YZ[[B\Z[[K]x&\H[ܝ\H[[K'B܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ˜]\]\X˘K