Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 36

PRODUCT NEWS Cort L200ATV Acoustic Guitar Cort Guitars has introduced the 200 ATV (Aged to Vintage) Series of acoustic guitars, which includes the L200ATV. The 200 ATV guitars feature basic designs but key enhancements that improve sound quality. The L200ATV has a 1 3/4-in. nut width for easier finger- style playing. The smaller, orchestra model body is a 1920s design that delivers a sound that’s larger than its compact size indicates, and its dynamic responsiveness enhances play- ability. The L200ATV’s vintage tone is delivered through its torrefied solid sitka spruce top and hand-scalloped X-bracing. In the torrefaction process, the wood has been treated and opens up more over time, resulting in the big, open tone of a decades-old acoustic but delivered in a new instrument. The back and sides are constructed of pau ferro and ebony was used for the fretboard, bridge, and bridge pins. For more information, contact Coast Music: 514-457-2555,, E.K. Blessing Marching Brass Models E.K. Blessing has introduced a new line of Marching Brass models to its lineup for 2018. The models include the BM-111 Marching Mellophone, the BM-311 Marching Baritone, and the BM-411 Marching French Horn. The BM-311 Marching Baritone and the BM-411 Marching French Horn are delivered in the key of Bb, while the BM-111 Mellophone is delivered in the key of F. All E.K. Blessing Marching models feature a yellow brass body and bell, with rose brass lead pipe, more compact wrap designs, and stainless-steel pistons. Each model comes complete with a compact thermoplastic case. For more information, contact Peate Musical Supplies: 802-879-4977,, Furch Color Series Acoustic Guitars BM-311 MARCHING BARITONE 36 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Furch Guitars has introduced a new portfolio of acoustic guitars. The flagship line of Millennium instruments has been replaced with seven new model lines – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The Color Series models feature high-grade tonewoods and are made with high-precision manufacturing. Each Color Series guitar is crafted using proprietary processes like soundboard voicing, which tunes the top plate to achieve premium acoustic properties, a consistent ultra-thin finish, and high-precision robotic polishing. In addition, all Color Series guitars feature the Furch CNR System, a neck design that guarantees lasting stability and allows the neck relief to be adjusted with a higher degree of accuracy. Each of the new Color Series model lines features a unique combination of materials, finishes, and appointments. The top-of-the-line Red series features high-grade tonewoods, top and back tuning, unconventional adornments, and a high-gloss finish. For more information, contact Furch Guitars: +420-519-417-285,,