Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 32

Cling On Pickup California-based Cling On has released its namesake pickup, which won the Best in Show honour at The 2018 NAMM Show in the Add On and Accessories category. The Cling On Pickup is a compact, passive piezo pickup with a patented magnetic attachment design. It does not require any modification to the instrument and attaches easily. The ability to install multiple magnetic bases in different areas of the soundboard allows the musician to move the pickup around the soundboard in search of a different tone and sound easily and on the fly. It comes with a detachable portable cable and a built-in volume control. Each pickup comes with a small and very light magnetic base that is attached underneath the soundboard on the inside of the guitar via tacky putty. It’s removable, reusable, and can be easily re-positioned. The constant pressure that the magnets create on the soundboard enables more direct, balanced, and accurate transfer of the vibrations from the soundboard to the pickup. For more information, contact Coast Music: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, Auralex MAX Portable Acoustic Treatment Kits Auralex Acoustics has released its MAX portable acoustic treatment kits. The MAX Kits (shorthand for mobile, absorptive, and “eXpandable”) allow users to reconfigure and tune their space for a variety of applications. Three packages are currently available: the VoxMAX, EditMAX, and ProducerMAX Kits. The VoxMAX Kit is designed for voiceover/vocal recording and instrument baffling. This kit can also be quickly positioned to address reflections within a small recording, monitoring, or mixing environment. The EditMAX Kit is designed as an easily-configured baffling for recording and can also be quickly positioned to create an accurate monitoring environment for editing and mixing in spaces that mounted acoustical treatments are not desired. The ProducerMAX Kit is a versatile and easily-configured acoustical treatment solution for recording that can be quickly positioned to create an accurate monitoring and mixing environment. For more information, contact Diffusion Audio: 450-227-3818, FAX 866-334-1406,, 32 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE