Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 30

PRODUCT NEWS 3 1 2 1 Sound Devices MixPre-10M Recorder/Mixer/Audio Interface Sound Devices has added to its MixPre series with the MixPre-10M, a 12-in, four-out portable multitrack audio recorder developed especially for musicians. The MixPre-10M is designed to combine the ease of dedicated hardware recording with the essence of computer-based music production software into a lightweight, portable multitrack recorder and USB audio interface. Ideal for song creation or live perfor- mances, musicians can use the reference-quality audio recorder to capture songs and ideas anywhere. The MixPre-10M allows musicians to simultane- ously record, play back, mix, remix, monitor, layer, and overdub up to 12 tracks. Additionally, the bounce feature helps free up tracks. It features a built-in metronome and studio-quality reverb and vocal air effects to add depth to recordings. The vocal air effect is a dialed-in combination of EQ and compression that results in a breathy intimacy for vocals. For more information, contact Sound Devices: 608-524-0625, FAX 608-524-0655,, 30 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 2 Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer Roland has launched the TR-8S Rhythm Performer, which combines Roland’s rhythm machine legacy with modern sound design features tuned for live performance. The TR-8S features Roland’s classic TR drum sounds, plus an extensive selection of other samples from the company’s library. The instrument also supports both mono and stereo user samples and comes with hands-on controls and production tools. It includes authentic recreations of the 808, 909, 707, 727, and 606, as well as several modified versions. Powered by Roland’s ACB technology, each machine is a detailed, component-level model that sounds and behaves exactly like the original hardware. In addition to TR sounds, users can pull from the TR-8S’s preset samples or import their own sounds via the SD card slot, giving them the ability to build custom kits. Instant-access controls are available to adjust decay, tuning, and other sound parameters. There’s a Master FX knob for processing the entire kit and a control knob for each channel, and both can be custom configured with favourite effects parameters. For more information, contact Roland Canada: 604-270-6626, 3 Rotosound Detuned Roto Nickel on Steel Sets Rotosound has launched its Detuned Roto Nickel on Steel sets, the company’s first sets of electric guitar strings that are specially formulated for playing with different tunings. For fans of alternative tunings, such as drop D or DADGAD, three new electric guitar gauges have been added to the Roto Nickel on Steel range. Specifically created for detuning and to dispense with the need to mix and match different strings from different sets, the packs offer varying feel and tensions dependent on scale length. The sets are designed and manufactured completely in the U.K. For more information, contact Yorkville Sound: 905-837-8777, FAX 905-839-5776,,