Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 27

“Congratulations to Richard and Eric on 25 years and still going strong. They, like many of us, put all of themselves into their business and it shows, leading an incredibly positive company that values loyal- ty, passion, and great morals. Great people and solid relationships are what make the music community the best place to work and Richard and Eric embrace that every day by treating all of us like family.” - Ryan Schroeyens, Owner, The PA Shop & London Guitars but only worked for about a year when, because of the economic downturn at the time, he was let go. “It was a very sad day,” Eric recalls. But with business having picked back up, Richard and Eric reached out to Boiteau in 2014 to see if he’d consider rejoining the company. He was initially welcomed back into the fold as the Quebec sales rep. “He did a great job. We worked very well together, and he showed a lot of drive and willingness to go beyond the call of duty and to get more and more involved in the company. We saw a spark in him, so we decided that we would give him the opportunity to mi- grate to sales manager and he’s been doing a phenomenal job,” Eric explains. “He’s a great fit in here and he’s a great team leader, too. He works very closely with the reps and he does a great, great job. I couldn’t be happier. I see Louis building this with me as my father plans his retirement. I hope to have Louis, and I’m pretty sure I will, because we have very comparable ambitions and I hope to have him with me in the long run and to eventually have him as my right-hand man as we grow beyond where we are now.” “ADI was a second family for me,” Boiteau adds. “When I left ADI in 2004, I knew that I would come back o RFgFW"V'2v&rf"FW"F7G&'WF'2BfpvVBGv'W6W76W26R&6FD&V6W6R( "VVVW0( "N( vVƖ6wVF'0( "wVF$w&7G'VVBvvW'0( "W"W667G'VVG0v26f6VBFBגWW&V6RvVBVfRFR6琦f'v&BfR&VV&6BDf"fW"V'2rBWfW'F6VBB&RW"W7BF֗BFBV6&V6W6R( 7W"Ч&VFVB'w&VBFV&FFW&ǒB'ג&W&W6VFFfW0FR&BBFR7V66W72bFR62FVVff'B( ФWfV2Dw&w2B7F2F6FVBvFfW'6WFЧFfRVFBԒF7G&'WFGW7G'BF6vFvF6R`FR6VG'w2&vvW7BԒB&VFF7G&'WF'2vF&VFfRЦǒ6&FW2bFV"&V6W'fR2ff6W2'WB&6&BBW&06&VrVFV6VB62G2GfFvW2( vfVW 6RvRfR6V"fWrb7V7G2bW"'W6W72BWfW'7V7BbW"'W6W722vfV&W"GFVFB6&RvR&PfW'FF&RB&RFgVǒVVB6vW2fW'&Fǒ( Ч62&6&B( vR&Rvǒf7W76VBFR'&G2vR&RVG'W7BЦVBvFvR&R6&RF&fFRWfVbW'6GFVFFBvVB&RfW'Fff7VBF6WfRvFV6&vW"6W2&V6W6RbF2B&V6W6RvRv&fW'66VǒFvWFW"@vFW"7WƖW'2W"Ɩ6W2fr6FǒFFRg&BƖW2&RЦ6W6RvR&RV憖FW&VB'VFRWfV2bVFW'6( Ю( WfW'FR6VRRbW"&GV7G2W6R6֖RBBƖRB( 62&6&BBV'B^( 27FƖRBVF&VB'FRv0B&VWGbW62^( 27VB2GVBƖfRvWGFrFvFFPF2b276B6&RFVvFg&VG2Bf֖ǒv6&PFBVFW66B^( 2FRB2vFW&2( Ğ( 7FW&P&V6W6R( frgVB&V6W6RvVvWBWFR&rF( B6RFv&6RF( W7BFBBbW'6( ЧfW'76FR&WBF2'W6W72FB( BW76VFǒ7&RЦFVB6WFrf"ח6Vb6'&FVǒ7Vr( fRWfW"v&V@f"&GV6RגƖfR( fRW7Bv2&VVfW'FWVFV@W'6BfW'FWVFVFǒ֖FVBbRvBBG&fV@FfFVB( ФBFVv&6&B2'W6FVfRFR7V66W760&R6Rf"W&2FFRfW"DFRWBfWrV'2Vfr@26( 2G2&6&B2v'&W2&WBFR6R0WB2V'BFf"FR7B#RV'2( Ć^( 2ג&FRB( &6Ц&B62b26( Ğ( fRWBw&rvFFR6B^( 0&VǒW7BFVFR'V'FR&2BR6VW22gWGW&R'&v@Bvvr( ФB2vRw&WW"6fW'6F&6&B62R7BFpFBW&fV7Fǒ7V&W2D( ĒW7B7&VFVB6FBv2&VfV7FbvBvFVBFFƖfRBVB( fRFRF@76&Rf"ח6VbBגf֖ǒFw&rBƗfRvFB( ФBVWvrf"FW"#RV'2B&WB֖6V&R2FR6V"VFF"b6FW62G&FR$4$B4U"ԔDDRtD$D^( 2UDU e$TTDb4Ĕ#@4DU42E$DR( "#