Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 26

-Jeff Long, VP Sales & Marketing, Long & McQuade RICHARD & ERIC LASNIER OF ADI The ADI MI division now includes D’Angelico Guitars, Palmer Musical Instruments, and its most recent addition, Amahi Ukuleles. And Richard adds, without disclosing too many details, that the recent NAMM Show was especially pro- ductive for him and he expects some more announcements in the near future. “I figured if we went into the musical instruments side of things, first of all, there would be the main resources within the company to do it, both financially and just in terms of general business acumen, and the fact that it was a passion for me that I was really savvy in terms of having sold guitars myself for 25 years in retail and whatnot, and being a collector myself and a player and all the rest. I thought it was a very good direction to go into where we could continue to sell our products to the same dealers, but just sell them more without having to necessarily go off the beaten path and develop a whole new market segment we weren’t familiar with,” he explains. “Then I turned my attention to other distributors and what they have done. I looked at some of the major players in Canada and they all have both pro audio and musical instru- ments in some form or another in their catalog. I said, ‘Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.’” In terms of service, Richard says there isn’t a major secret to developing and maintaining good relationships, whether it’s with MI retailers, recording studios, live sound profession- als, or anyone else using or selling their brands. “Respect, integrity, support, service, and hard work – there’s no miracle recipe to success; you need to earn it,” he says. “We feel that these five key points are imperative no matter what industry or market segment you are in.” For any family business, separating the personal and profes- sional is challenging but necessary; however, the Lasniers make it sound easy. Talking to Richard and Eric, the love, 26 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE respect, and admiration they share between them is obvious. “Well, the apple does not fall far from the tree. We definitely both have strong opinions and we do not always agree ‘out of the gate’; however, in cases of disagreement, we are able to calmly debate important decisions and find common ground on most important issues,” attests Eric. “If we hit a wall, we bring in our na- tional sales manager, Louis-Philippe, to break the tie. Occasion- ally one of us needs to yield to the other for the greater good, as in any partnership, and regardless of our family ties, business is business. I do, in fact, try to separate my professional relationship from my personal relationship with my father because it has always been important to me to stand on my own. I always felt that I needed to go the extra mile and work extra, extra hard to earn the respect of our staff and customers as a key member of the team.” When the question about the interpersonal dynamics is flipped to Richard, he jokingly says, “Whatever Eric said, he is always right.” Boiteau, the one who breaks the ties, says it’s actually easy working with the father/son team. “Working with Richard and Eric is a real pleasure. They are very ‘human’ and respectful peo- ple. At work, both are very professional. They have a strong and mature working relationship without petty family squabbles.” “Louis-Philippe and I get along famously,” Eric says. “Every conversation, you know, I don’t want to say we finish each oth- er’s sentences, but every time we have a debate about some- thing, there’s an unspoken understanding and it’s a great rela- tionship.” The sales manager seconds that assessment, adding, “Sometimes, a single glance is enough to understand what the other has to say.” Boiteau first joined ADI about 15 years ago as a sales rep, RICHARD, DIANE & ERIC LASNIER “Congratulations to Richard and Eric on a successful 25 years! An amazing accomplishment!” • Auratone • Beachtek • Blue Sky • C-Ducer • Event Electronics • Funktion-One • Galaxy Audio • iOgrapher • Mc2 Audio • Palmer Audio • Rode Microphones • Rycote Microphone Windshields • VERO by Funktion One