Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 24

Audio Distributors International Marks Celebrating a Quarter-Century of Family & Music Audio Distributors International (ADI) 1275 Newton, #6 Boucherville, QC J4B 5H2 450-449-8177, FAX 450-449-8180, By Michael Raine T wenty-five years – a quarter of a century – is a long time. A lot can change in the world, in a life, in an industry, and in a company over such a span of time. But 25 years can also seem like no time at all when you spend it pursuing a passion, and sharing that pursuit with those you love. That is the case with Audio Distributors International (ADI), the Lasnier family’s Quebec-based busi- ness and one of Canada’s premier mid- sized audio and MI distributors. But as is the case with many companies, ADI’s history stretches back much further than its establishment in 1993. “As a teenager in the ‘60s, I was pretty good with a guitar and so I man- aged to get lots of recording gigs as a hired gun,” begins ADI Founder and CEO Richard Lasnier, taking Canadian Music Trade back to his roots in the in- dustry. “I also played with a succession of somewhat popular regional bands. In my spare time, I bought, refurbished, resold, and collected used guitars, which eventually led to my opening my first business in 1970, a music store called Richard’s Music Shop.” As Richard recalls, when the home recording craze began in the mid-‘70s, 24 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Richard’s Music Shop began to sell Tascam’s first cassette-based multi-track home studio recorders along with other related products. “This quickly outgrew the musical instrument part of the business and in the early ‘80s, I changed the name to Richard Audio, which eventually became a leading and well-known pro audio retailer in Montreal,” he continues. Having be- come the leading dealer in the country for Soundcraft recording equipment, Richard was given the Canadian distri- bution rights to the brand and Sound- craft Canada was born in 1981. Their union was happy and fruitful for nearly a decade, though in 1990, after Harman Industries had purchased Soundcraft, the new parent company gave Richard “an offer [he] could not refuse” for his shares in the company. “In the following years, I decided that I still wanted to be in the distri- bution business, so I founded Audio Distributors International [in 1993] as a means to separate retail from distri- bution,” he explains. By 1995, the retail business hit hard times but the distri- bution business was picking up, so he made the decision to focus solely on distribution and ADI has been growing steadily ever since. Since the beginning, Richard’s son Eric has been a key part of ADI’s development and success. “I’ve always loved music but never had the ‘musi- cian gene,’” says Eric. “In the early years, when my father had his retail store, my involvement began as a summer job doing deliveries. When I finished my schooling, I was offered the entry level shipper/receiver position within my father’s store, ݡ݅́مЁЁѡ)ѥͼ$ѽи́$ݽɭ͕ȁ)͕ȁݥѠѡȁѡ)ѠɕȁݥѠѡ)ͥɔѼє͕Ѽ䁍ɕ)ѡ䁉̻ͥt)ɽѡха$́)䁅ȸ%ѡɱ啅̰Ё݅)ЁѡɕͽѕݥѠIɐ)́ͅɅѥ)́ݥɥéٕȴ)͕չѥɥqͥ)ٕѡ͔ѡ)ɽmtՑх)مɥ͕́́Ѽեɔ)ͭ̃ͅLɽՍЁа)ݕͥьt+q$݅́ͼɽՐͼ)ݡɥѼѡ)̸ͥ$܁ɥЁѡѡɔ)ѡЁݔݕɔѼͽ)ѽѡȳtIɐ)ɕ̸+qM$͕ѥ䁉́ѡ