Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 23

CMT: I’m intrigued by the idea of creating value for your customers through social media. What are some means of achieving this that you’ll be sharing? CD: Value in social media is often defined by the individ- ual consumer. With so much information available at your fingertips, individuals naturally develop a preferred method of receiving what they consider to be valuable content. Social media allows you to create many different types of content and allows you to choose which platform and medium would best represent it. The goal should be to speak to the emotional and functional value for your customers. Essentially, creating a variety of content – humourous, informational, inspirational, etc. – which will appeal to a broad spectrum of customers. CMT: What are one or two of the other tips you’ll be sharing with people on improving their social media presence? Are any tailored specifically to print music departments and products? CD: We are keeping to the bare essentials of best practice. We want to share with people just how easy it can be to use social media for their business. One tip we will discuss is what we call the “golden ratio,” 30/60/10. When posting on any social platform, try using 30 per cent original content, 60 per cent curated from relevant exter- nal sources, and 10 per cent promotional material. In terms of coming up with original content, we want to encour- age people in our industry to personalize their amazing staff. Get them involved with videos, pictures, and blogs. It’s a great way to not only boost your social media presence in your community, but simultaneously boost morale and make your company an exceptional place to work. HOW TO IMPROVE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE RIGHT AWAY Tracy Leenman, Musical Innovations simple.” This philosophy allows you to focus on your key, large platforms such as Facebook before venturing off into new or on-the-rise platforms. CMT: Starting generally, what are one or two ways retailers can improve the customer experience in their stores right away that you’ll be sharing? Tracy Leenman: First, let’s go past “satisfied” customers to “amazed” customers – as the book says, Amaze Every Customer Every Time. Every interaction is an opportunity to wow customers and create lifetime relationships. Along those lines, think of the lifetime value of each customer. No one transaction is worth losing a customer, or having a customer dissatisfied. Our session will