Canadian Music Trade - April / May 2018 - Page 22

EW: “Turn” is not the enemy. I think as an industry we’ve accepted a turn of 2.0 as an attainable goal for print music and as a new industry standard. That number is important; how- ever, print music is complicated. As long as we’re calculating turn at the category level, it can be a very useful manage- ment tool; however, if we start evaluating turn at the SKU or item level, we have to be very careful to recognize all of those SKU relationships that exist, and evaluate those items within a larger SKU group. So many print items are part of series or system and have a measurable effect on the sales of the other items in that series or system. We need to evaluate those series and systems as single units, not as individual titles. If we are trying to manage turn at the item level, without looking at SKU relationships, then we’re going to be stocking a lot of band methods without bassoon books and a lot of piano methods without level four books, and we’re going to start losing sales and customers instead of moving forward. Remember, too, that being overstocked on items that sell well is going to hurt your turn number as much as having too much invested in items that aren’t selling well. The turn number can be a red flag about changing the way you are doing your print music purchasing. CMT: The summary for your session mentions that if terms like “inven- tory turn” and “GMORI” have become the main themes of your print department, that’s when it’s time to work towards your sprint forward. Can you start by explain- ing why basing your approach on things like inventory turn may not be ideal for a healthy and prosperous print department? CMT: Related to the first question, in what ways does the print department differ from others in the store in terms of your approach to merchandising, promotions, etc.? 22 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE EW: Print Music has the broad- est appeal of any product cat- egory in your store – students and teachers, casual players and professionals, occasional customers and regulars… Print music is for everyone, so it’s im- portant to build a “something for everyone” approach into not only your events and promo- tions, but also to the merchan- dising of your print department. Have point-of-purchase, im- pulse displays of popular titles for those customers who don’t have time to browse the whole department, for example. CMT: Can you share one or two of the tips on merchan- dising, assortment planning, and promotions that you’ll be presenting during your session? Print music is a difficult and complicated category and discussions about “down- sizing” or “streamlining” or “vendor optimization” or even “exit strategies” are most likely going to be met with resistance from print music managers. This isn’t just an emotional resistance to change, but an instinc- tive attempt to protect their print music depar Y[[HX[\Y\[Hۈ] x&\HYوHܚH[BۛY[H][K]H[YH[YK]\HYY[B\[\Hٚ]X[]BYX\\[Y[[˜Xۈ\]HYH[\[\\Y[œ^H[]H[[ ]8&\[Y\ Y[K[H]H[ܙH[]\X[[HY\YX\[B]H]ٚ]XK\YX[XZ[œYH]YܞHX[YKBY[]YH[\]\H[Y[ZH\š[Hܛۙ\X[ۋYX[[\[[BHH\][œ\ܝ[\[\[˜[[[H[وYK܈[ و[\[]\X\\Y[\Hœ\8'X\8'H]\B[Y[ܛۙ]\HHYX[ۜZB[ܙ\][\[\[\[ݚ[[BY\X[ۈYZ[U\ٙXوB\[ܛو[\BX[YYXH]ܛ\[[H^H\H[[Yܘ[܂]\X]Z[\‘UΈx&]HۙHH\Hق\[][ۜ܈QHX]\X[Y\[\[[[Bܘ[\ݙ\HYX\[x&[XۈHXXYZ[\YX\x&[[H\\[œYH]YY\܈Y\[B\[[HX[\XH]]\^\\ˈ܈^[\KB[Y[\H^\HܙX]\[ܙBوHY]]H\\[ۈ[][ۙH\^\H\˂x&[[H]Y][ܙX][™\^\]\HY\[\YH8'[8'H8$\ۙ^x&\܂^[\H8$\\Y\[\B[H[H܈\[[Y[ [ܙ\Z[ۈ][8&\œ\Z]Y[\]H[[ܙX\H[\و[وH][\][][ x&[[H[[X]ܚ[]X\\[[ܜܙX]H][[[ۘ[][\[ܙ\˜]X]\Y\ZHB\[H][Y][ܙ[HXX][ۜ܂Hۙ؛[X™܈\[[\]\8$BܙX]\X[[XY[BYۜ[^[܈Y8$]x&]HܙX]Y]H[ق[[ۘ\[Z\ ^[܋ܚ\[H8&P[\[ΈBYH]ܛ\]]\Xœ]Z[\[[[Yܘ[Z\\[\\K]]BX XX]\[[Yܘ[K\H\YYœZ[[HY[\K\B]ܛ\]HZ[]YB[\H܈YX\[\HXB\ٝ[܈HX\ۋXX™]\]Z[\Hܝ[]B\[HXHوZ\\Y\ˈYX]\\›ZH]Y]\\][[XX[H[X\[BY][\\Y\&HYYX˜[XZHX\X\܂Hܛو[\\[\˂]\\HܙX]XH[۝\][ۜ[ۛX[ۜ]\H[XYH\[[[H[\KZ^[[[X\Y[]Y]][\ۈ[]YX[۝[[[ۛ[H\BY\[Y[Y[H^][ [Yܘ[x&\[\]YH˜[Y[[\ۛY[]\œ]Z[\H[H]H8'XBH[ 'HYY[X\Y[X]Y\\[][\BY\[ݚYH[Y[۝[]Y\[HۛX[ۈ]Y[[B[[\\Y\\Kٝ[X][[HH\]]]^8'Zx'HBLSSBS’STՑHSTPSQQPHU\H\H[Hۋ]KB\H]ܛ\][H[˜\H[Z]Y[[›]\X]Z[\]^B[HX[]ܚ\[H8&P[\[[]\X [^ܙۙ^[Y]\XHYXH][^ܙۙ^\\[\H[^\›Z\\K[X[KHY BXH]]\H\[\ۙ\[X\]Y\œX[YYXK\\8'Y\]