Canadian Music Trade - April/May 2017 - Page 35

Yamaha YSV104 Silent Violin Yamaha has launched the YSV104 Silent Violin, which is significantly lighter than previous models and incorporates advanced technology for an improved aural experience. Its release coincides with the 20 th anniversary of Yamaha’s first silent violin, the SV100. The new YSV104 anniversary model borrows technology found in Yamaha’s Silent Brass systems. This provides the enhanced sonic richness and tone of a concert-quality instrument with clean reverb when played through headphones while creating very little external sound. The violin also incorporates the Yamaha SRT Powered system, which simulates the natural sound and resonance of an acoustic violin by using samples recorded with microphones placed at the listen- er’s ears. This allows the Silent Violin to simulate the natural playing experience while its solid body design has reduced the actual sound output. For more information, contact Yamaha Canada Music: 416-298-1311, FAX 416-292-1171, Gretsch G6128T-53 Vintage Select ’53 Duo Jet New for 2017, Gretsch has expanded its vintage-inspired, upscale instruments with three new Duo Jet guitars, including the G6128T-53 Vintage Select ’53 Duo Jet with Bigsby. The G6128T-53 Vintage Select ’53 Duo Jet with Bigsby is based on Gretsch’s original Duo Jet guitar, which was released in 1953. The original Duo Jet was Gretsch’s flagship “solid body” guitar, although its signature power and punch came from its chambered mahogany design, which magnified the harmonic richness by letting air resonate between the top and body for a livelier and more articulate tone. That’s all featured on this new recreation, along with modern touches, including the rare Gretsch “script” headstock logo and dual TV Jones T-Armond pickups that replicate the vintage DynaSonic sound. Also featured is a compensated aluminum bridge with Bigsby B3CCB vibrato tailpiece, treble bleed circuit, “Squeezebox” PIO capacitors, aged white angled pickguard, aged fingerboard inlays, and aged body and neck binding. For more information, contact Fender Musical Instruments Corp.: 480-596-9690, FAX 480-596-1384, CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 35