Canadian Music Trade - April/May 2017 - Page 34

PRODUCT NEWS Fishman Loudbox Mahogany Acoustic Amplifiers Fishman has released the Loudbox Mini Mahogany, Artist Mahogany, and Performer Mahogany amps, which are new versions of its Loudbox acoustic amplifiers that feature solid African mahogany. Fishman’s lightest and most portable amp, the Loudbox Mini Mahogany produces 60 W of acoustic power and has two channels featuring Fishman’s preamp and tone control designs. The amp also features digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel and reverb for the microphone channel. The Loudbox Artist Mahogany features 120 W of bi-amplified acoustic power and includes two flexible mic/ instrument input channels with Fishman’s three-band EQ, precise feedback-fighting controls, and a new dual digital effects section. The Loudbox Performer Mahogany produces 180 W of clear, bi-amplified acoustic sound with two flexible mic/instrument input channels that accept both 1/4-in. and XLR sources. Each channel includes three-band EQ, feedback-fighting phase switch and notch filter controls, and a new dual digital effects section with reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, echo, and slap echo. For more information, contact Fishman: 978-988-9199, FAX 978-988-0770, TRX NDK Cymbals TRX Cymbal Co. has released the NDK (meaning New DRK) Series cymbals, based on the company’s DRK series. While both series are available in the same weights, sizes, and types and feature a traditional, lathed finish on the underside, the NDK has a sandblasted finish on the top surface of the cymbal instead of the natural finish found on the DRK series. The sandblasted NDK cymbals sound noticeably drier than the DRKs. In addition, the DRK and NDK series ride cymbals have been upgraded to include holes for TRX’s removable rivets. For more information, contact TRX: 818-751-3257,, Radial North-Star Overdrive & Power Booster Radial Engineering Ltd. is now shipping the North- Star pedal, which is a combination overdrive and power booster ideal for overdriven open chords and double-stop bends. The North-Star has been designed with today’s rock-oriented country guitarist in mind, but its versatile overdrive circuit makes it suitable for other styles and genres. It is designed to be very responsive and captures the pick attack and dynamics of the player. With its tone-shaping features, players can adjust the sonic characteristics of the North-Star to suit their playing style. The North-Star is also equipped with a separate boost circuit that provides up to 24dB of clean gain to the signal. Activating the boost circuit engages a separate effects loop, allowing the player to connect other pedals for easy transitions from rhythm to lead tones. As the North-Star is a true-bypass pedal, the effects loop can also be used to remove other pedals from the signal chain. For more information, contact Radial Engineering: 604-942-1001, FAX 604-942-1010,, 34 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE