Canadian Music Trade - April/May 2017 - Page 22

SCORE MORE STUDENTS Ideas to Get Your Lesson Program Growing By Andrew King IN an ever-homogenizing music retail environment, lesson pro- grams are becoming increasingly attractive and important as a means for individual businesses to establish competitive advantages and truly differentiate themselves from their local and regional competition. Administering a lesson program is no walk in the park, as the hundreds of retailers across the country simultaneously running music schools can attest; however, the pros of a well-run program should far outweigh the cons. On top of being a consistent, predictable revenue stream, a strong lesson program is an MI sales generator and essentially an incubator for loyal customers. It goes a long way towards establishing your reputation as a musical hub in your community, beckon- ing to people of different ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. Even at a quick glance, one will notice how the educational programming schedules at events like The NAMM Show or upcoming RPMDA Convention are ripe with presentations and seminars specifi cally about lesson programs. That says a lot, considering that such events have reputations for presenting timely and topi- cal subjects at the forefront of major industry shifts. Here, we’ve invited a few successful retailers who’ve stimulated signifi cant growth in their lesson enrollment in recent years to share some ideas about how they’ve done so, and how they ensure their lesson programs are ever in the public eye, top of mind for anyone looking to develop their skills and enrich their lives. 22 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE ENGAGE THEM EARLY When Nick Ham [H[YHX[B]\H[]]\X[ܛ\ ]\ LH[]X[XZHق]\XYX]ZY܈XX\˂[HYX\[K]\\[ܙB[XY[H[Y\›X\H Y[ۈHY[\\\˂]8&\\XX[H[\\]H[[BۜY\]H]H\YH]\[ [KY[H[KB[ۈ[]HۈH\\و]ٛ[ B[ YHوHY[\H][܂Z[]\܈[ܙK[^[^\]ۙHوHY\Y[Y\و][HX[XZHق]\Xۜ]H\]\[\[]ܘ[\¸$[\܈]\Xۙ\[ [HX[XZH[[܈]\Xܘ[K܂^[\K'\X[KY[[&]][KB]H\ۜ܈X[[[^x&\H]X\HH܈^ [ٝ[۸&]][Z]\܈[\[[^x&\H][܈ZY 8'HBٙ\][H\ۈ^\Y[K']\Hܘ[\܈[[[WB[XH\X]KY[K[[)x&\H][Y[YH܈]YX\ [^Hٝ[\HYY܈]\[YX\˸'BH^\\HY[]\[ܙ\^x&[\ݙ\XXYHš[[Y[\X[[H[[Y\[H\K][Y[x&]H][Y[\ۈ\X[[H܈[\\ۈBܘ[K\x&\X\ۈ[H[&]][Hܘ[H\]Y][[\X\\\[XH[HH\و]\X›XZ[˂'Hܘ[\\H\[KB[Y[]X[8'H[[[[\B\\ܝ[]\ٙHH\XX[HY^HY[\H^HZ\[\܈\\[]8&\ۙHوBYYو\YZ\[[HY][Z[HHK8']8&\\˜YܘXK'