Canadian Music Trade - April/May 2017 - Page 19

NAMM NEWS By Causby Challacombe NAMM’s Top100 Dealer Awards Bringing International Retailers Together for One Extraordinary Night A Top 100 Dealer Award means many things. It means a time that all of the effort and resources you put into that success- ful marketing campaign is recognized. It means becoming the first store from your city, province, or country to win a Top 100 Dealer Award. It means examining and fine-tuning your business to determine exactly what you did this year that will stand out and that you can build on in the future. It means the oppor- tunity to learn from your peers. I have heard from stores that are ecstatic and humbled that they were included in the Top 100 and I have heard from stores that are disappointed that they were not included on the list. There is one way to look at the Top 100 whether you are on the list or not. It is the same lesson that I am sure most of you apply to your business: how can I learn from my peers to promote further growth? If you aren’t reaching outside of your comfort zone, chances are your employees and business are not growing to their full potential. My dad owns a small business. He started this business from scratch in a down economy. He had a stable job but wanted more and just like a lot of you, he started his business with nothing but vision and passion. The vision built his business but the passion has sustained it. I have seen first-hand the struggles, rewards, disappointments, and successes of going down this path – and that there are many obstacles that stand in the way. What I have learned from him is you have to continually adapt your business to meet the demands of the consumer and the market. He is never satisfied with standing still and waiting. Every day he is creating excitement, cultivating cus- tomers, and making sure his employees see his passion. Each day is a new op- portunity even though he has been doing it for almost 40 years. He takes every op- portunity he can to learn, especially from his peers. His industry does not have a Top 100 Awards, but if it did, I believe he would jump at the chance to meet with his staff and say, “We have done some great things this year. Let’s talk about them so other businesses can learn from us or better yet, we can learn from them. We are meant to grow together.” The most important take- away from the Top 100 Awards is it brings the music retail community together. There are laughs, tears, high fives, and best practices all being exchanged and shared. It is the only place to go to see what a store is doing to bring music into their community. As your trade associ- ation, it is NAMM’s honour to bring the retail community together for one night and celebrate the passion that ignites our industry. Retail as we know it is constantly changing. Our members have to adapt and change just to keep an edge on their business. We recognize their commitment to their businesses and to the music prod- ucts industry. We want to share with the world the stories of our members and all of the positive things happening in music retail. We are living in exciting times filled with challenges to overcome, new con- cepts to implement, and the opportunity to make a meaningful, positive impact on the communities we serve! The Top 100 Awards recognize, re- ward, and promote best practices among NAMM retail members. In May, we will be announcing the 2017 Top 100 Dealers and sharing their strategies for success. Please join us in Nashville, TN for Summer NAMM 2017, running July 13-15, 2017, as we honour our members and their achievements. We hope to see you there! Causby Challacombe is the Director of Membership for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), the global not-for-profit trade association represent- ing 9,000 manufacturers and retailers of musical instruments and sound products. NAMM’s mission is to strengthen the music products industry and promote the pleasures and benefits of making music. CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 19