Canadian Music Trade - April/May 2017 - Page 18

SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT W and sharing it with a small circle of collaborators and working drummers. By February 2016, Cymbal Sox was officially open for business. The covers are aimed at players across the board, from novices to touring pros. They can be applied while the cymbal is still on its stand and fit over the instrument “like a shower cap,” tighten- ing to a snug fit with a drawstring and slider clip underneath. They can also be placed on cymbals for transportation in hard or soft shell cases, and stack easily with a protective barrier between the in- struments. They come in sizes from 10-22 in. in standard black with burnt orange branding, though drummers can also hile sound is of course the top priority for pretty much every drummer when it comes to the components of their set- ups, there’s just something special about the look and shape of a cymbal – sleek, smooth, some would even say sexy. The team at Cymbal Sox knows full well about the special relationship that exists between drummers and their cymbals, and the Kamloops, BC-based company has created a light, lasting product that protects the instruments from dirt, dust, grease, and other contaminants while still highlighting their unmistakable shape. Cymbal Sox founders Maria & Cory Evans “Cymbal Sox was invented as ‘hands-off-protection’ for drummers to keep their cymbals looking and sounding factory new all of the time,” says company co-founder Cory Evans. “We tried many different designs and prototypes based on that idea, but kept focused on something that was easy to put on and take off and made from a very durable material.” The initial idea was born in the fall of 2014, and by January 2015 the first proto- type was manufactured. Over the ensuing 12 months, the company was incorporat- ed, had found its overseas manufacturing facility, and began marketing the product 18 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE customize the covers with personalized logos or branding. The company has already made impressive inroads into the Canadian MI marketplace considering its relative youth and is actively looking to both strengthen its existing retail relationships and forge new ones. More recently, though, the company has set its sights on the mam- moth American market, having exhibited at The NAMM Show for the first time in January 2017. “Going to NAMM helped us attract interest from all kinds of dealers as well as many international distributors,” Cymbal Sox By Andrew King Evans shares. “We are also in talks at the moment with some cymbal companies wanting to use our products to ship their cymbals and offer a protective, reusable cover t \Y\]\[\Xܘ\ 'BHYZ]] Z[H]\KBH]XX[^\[X\ܚY\Z[[X[ۈ][]YX[[[Y\[]Z[\[H[[[[]B[[HX[[\[ۋB[ܚ[ܙ\]\HY]\[]HSSH™X\Y\\YX\\HY[[XZ[˜ۛX[ۜ]HYX[HوBX\]XH[][[H[[˂ۈ]۝ H\[H\\BX]H]\\ۜܜ\[KBZ]Yܚ[[H]ܚ[™[[Y\Z[[[H[HX\B]XK\[[ܜ\[YHܙX]]x&\]YYH\؜\X[x&\ZZB[[ZH[[و]\]8&\˜[ I8&\ZZH[\[K[[B\HوۙYH[H[\HX\˂'x&]HYܙX]]Y]H\B\\[Z\[HXX]X\Bو\H[H\X[]HوHX8'B][\ˈ8'][\[[[Y\›ۈHY܈^[Y\[و[YB^Z[[HX\XZ[Y\\\ۈ\Yۂ[\X[]K'BY\Y[[HYX\ۈHYH]H\HX\ٝ[[]SSK][^\ M\\[\˜H[^][YX\܈[X[ 8'] B[\X[[ܙH]Z[ܙ\Y]ܝ[Y\XH\Yۈ\\܈HYX\ܝ\ \\ܚ[™\XH][ܙH[X[X[YX\\ܛYK'B][\\HX\X]\[[X]B[][X[ٙ\[[Y\¸'H\[[]YX[[X[X[ۋ'BۜY\[HX8&\]X]\8$™X\H\K[^[]KYZY []X]H8$Y[[ۈH[\\[ۂ^x&]HXYHۈH[YX[[[\B][ۘ[X\]XH]K\\\Bو[[Y\\Hۘ\Y [X[\[XYHXY]Y] [][\HY]܋Z[PYYق[YX[]\XYK