Canadian Music Trade - April/May 2017 - Page 11

Pierre Circé Mark Mulrenin Justin McLean Peter Lafferty Mike McAvan Roland Canada Announces Several Sales Staff Changes Roland Canada has announced several recent sales staff appointments. The new appointments include a new nation- al sales manager, a BOSS and guitar products sales manager, a district sales manager for the central region, a sales manager for Alberta, and a BOSS sales representative. Pierre Circé, formerly the district sales manager for Québec, has been appointed as the national sales manager for Roland Canada. With over 25 years’ experience, Circé will be responsible for overseeing the company’s sales and dis- tribution strategy across the country. Justin McLean joins Roland Cana- da as the new sales representative for Alberta, based out of Edmonton. McLean is a multi-instrumentalist who plays key- boards, guitar, bass, and saxophone and also has experience with recording and live sound reinforcement. Mark Mulrenin is now the new dis- trict sales manager for the central region, replacing Brad Smith. Mulrenin, who was previously Roland Canada’s sales repre- sentative for Ontario, now oversees the day-to-day sales operations in Ontario, Québec, and Eastern Canada. Peter Lafferty is stepping into the role LESSON PROGRAM SURVEY Canadian Music Trade surveyed MI retail professionals across the country to find out about their experiences with in-store instrument lesson programs. Here are the results… nt lme enro y in the n e e e se ghtl hav ase sli 6% hav 3 e r e l c in whi htly ars, ig o ye ease sl w t last it decr seen 76% 42% of respondents’ stores or businesses currently offer a music lesson program OF THOSE… their lesson program 38% say significantly impacts 100-200 students 42% teach per week, while 33% retail sales, while 62% say it has “somewhat” of an impact teach over 200 students per week 57% say 50 ca % say a is th prin dvertis e i t enro best w , radio, ng in ay t lme o bo online nt e ost l esso tc. n m gu ory ost p itar/ for opu bas s les l son ar in is th str e s um en t teg of BOSS and guitar product sales manag- er. Lafferty brings both musical talent and sales experience to this role, where he is tasked with bringing focus to the BOSS and guitar product lines across Canada. Finally, Mike McAvan has moved into the role of BOSS sales representative from his former position as inside sales representative. McAvan will work along- side Lafferty promoting BOSS guitar and amplifier products throughout Ontario. For more information, contact Roland Canada: 604-270-6626, FAX 877-270-6552, SPEAKING OUT What are some of the ways that you’ve promoted your lesson program that have either been very effective or surprisingly ineffective, and what do you think contributed to that? “The internet has changed the retail and lesson landscape in our store. We have offered lessons for over 50 years. More people are shopping online or studying instruments online. One area where there is an increase in students is the number of seniors that sign up for lessons.” “Asking for referrals – literally just say- ing, ‘Please tell everyone how much fun you are having here.’ We have a lot of senior students, the oldest being 90 this year.” “Advertising in a community guide; most parents look at these for activities for their children.” “Opening a dialogue about lessons every time [an instrument] is pur- chased, and engaging those who are ‘just looking.’ Listen for cues from clients about what they are trying to achieve musically and inform them, ‘We can help with that.’ Being pushy never works; that’s a sure way scare a potential student out the front door.” CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 11