Canadian Music Trade - April/May 2017 - Page 10

NEWS 100,000 People Descend on Musikmesse & Prolight + Sound Trade Fairs The organizers of Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound say around 100,000 people from 144 countries attended this year’s trade fairs in Frankfurt, Germany, while 20,000 people took in live music as part of the Musikmesse Festival in early April. “Against the background of significant concentration in the musical instrument sector and a continuous process of devel- opment in the event technology field, we give the course of business at the international trade-fair duo a positive rating. As the partner of the sectors, it is our responsibility to provide a future-oriented marketing platform with target group-specific formats and events. We take this very seriously and, accordingly, we will once again enter into an intensive dialogue with exhibitors and associations with a view to 2018,” says Detlef Braun, member of the executive board of Messe Frankfurt. At the two fairs, a total of 1,922 exhibitors from 55 countries presented a product spectrum of media, lighting, sound, and stage technology at Prolight + Sound and musical instruments, electronic equipment, and hardware and software at Musikmesse. This year, Musikmesse was supplemented by new attractions and the complementary program of events extended. Together with the Musikmesse Festival, the fair offered over 1,000 events, from concerts and live performances to workshops and masterclasses. According to organizers, 83 per cent of visitors said they had achieved their personal targets for the fair. The next Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound fairs will be held from April 11-14 and April 10-13, 2018, respectively. For more information, go to and Levy’s Leathers Adds New Sales Staff Levy’s Leathers has announced the addition of three new hires for its customer service and inside sales teams: Jessica Lemieux, Kevin Strom, and Josh Zeaton. Lemieux has worked in sales for 16 years, the last three at Levy’s. “Levy’s took me in as part of their team and part of their family,” she says. Kevin Strom “As a single mom with a teenage daughter, that is very important.” Strom is a success- ful session musician and has performed in more than 15 countries as The Edge in the U2 tribute show Elevation. He brings 17 years of sales experience to the posi- tion, including two and a half with B&J Music. Josh Zeaton Zeaton played alto and tenor sax before migrating to the guitar at the age of 19. In addition to now working as an [YH[\\܈]x&\H\ܛ\[[\Y\HZ]\\[[\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X]x&\X]\΂ MMKL ]\]\X]\˘K˛]\X]\˘KLSQPSUTPQB[]\X[Yx&\][Xԛۘ[ Y H]HXY\X[[ۜ]܈]BSSH˂[]\X][\]XY\[[]\X\^[Y\[ܝ[]HܙX][ۈوXY\[H[X[ۈوH[8&\\X HXY\Y[\ H][ܜ]HHH[ ZۛۈZZHXY\\Y[ ZZHZ[[\[]\X[ۙY[ KHX]X HXY\Y[\ \[[ Z[[ۙH[\[YX[[\X]\[œٝ\H\YۙYHHܙX]ܜوH[][[\[[[YZ[܂˂][Xԛۘ[ \X܈و[\[X\][܈[]\X[YK[[YX[]\XYH]H\XY\Y[\[H\ B[[]H[܈X\H[[Y\ Mˈ8'\x&\Y[Hۈو^][Y[HHSSH[]8&\ۈ\XH\[\]Z[XH܈[H[H\HZ[X\وK[ܙ\8'HH^\Y[]HXY\Y[ B\\\H\وX[HX]H\[H[ܙX]H[\BXY\[K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[]\X[YN NN KNNLL ܙ\[YP[]\X؜[˘K˚[]\X؜[˘K