Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 47


CCIM:At the time of writing, GCAC has a current market cap of approximately $6M with a relatively low public share float. Succinctly, why invest in shares of GCAC?

GCAC:GCAC is leading the way in one of the fastest growing industries with cutting-edge technologies and a first class team. We have identified a huge problem in the medical cannabis market and are the only company providing a comprehensive solution. For your readers interested GCAC was selected to be highlighted in public television ‘Success Files’ hosted by Rob Lowe. In my opinion, as the story comes out more about GCAC it will be seen as the most undervalued opportunity in the medical cannabis space.

CCIM:That’s about it and I thank you so much for your time. Is there an email or link our readers, as well as prospective patients, can learn more? Will an updated corporate presentation (investors’ deck) be available?

GCAC:Thank you very much for your time. Readers can feel free to connect with us at and I would also suggest they subscribe to our newsletter at, there they will be able to receive a copy of our latest investor presentation. Note: We will be relaunching the website with our latest information so we apologize in advance for any dated info.