Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 39

'Trusted Data’ is the Ace

To maintain the leadership in the medical cannabis data space, GCAC must represent ‘Trusted Data’.

To build and maintain trust, GCAC is building a cutting-edge infrastructure based on both technology and synergistic corporate relationships to build database aggregation resources behind the scenes of the user Apps.

Trusted Data Technologies include:

•AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI will enable GCAC to be central to compliance monitoring from anecdotal app data. AI will set the basis for predictive analysis for Pain to Strain model.

•Asynchronous Video Chat: Interactive chats and Interactive medical cannabis video content on your time – not real time. Uses proprietary video technology to stitch together video conversations (held anywhere in any time) into one. This will be crucial for peer to peer discussions on medical cannabis and eventually for diagnosis.

•Medical Cannabis Blockchain: A purpose built GCAC (Citizen Green) user driven Blockchain will be specifically developed to provide an immutable trust service for the global medical cannabis community, starting in Australia then exported to the other emerging medical cannabis countries.