Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 247

Retail Investor's Perspective


the other. Either the poster is lying or the company is passing along confidential material information to a third party that is not entitled to that information and clearly cannot be trusted with it. 99.9 out of 100 times it is the poster and not the company. Be mindful of social media posters with multiple accounts and offer overly bearish or bullish comments and/or chose user names intentionally identical or similar to trusted brand names.

If Orson Well could narrate a story and have some listeners truly convinced that aliens from Mars had landed and were attacking Earth … anything less than that should be fairly believable especially if some pretty graphs and predictions are tossed in.

The success of door to door sales, paid programming advertisements on TV and various get rich schemes (just pay $X for a series of workbooks on how to make money – flipping homes, stocks, options, answering surveys, etc).

Our proven strategies have always been ahead of the curve and the resulting ROIs demonstrate a proven and trusted track record of turning green into gold for you – the Retail Investor.

We were among the first to alert investors to the opportunities in South Africa whether it be on the speculative side with LGC Capita Limited (TSXV:LG) or on the “safer” side with Cannimed Therapeutics Inc (TSX:CMED;OTC:CMMDF). See our articles link page for the potential game changing news with respect to the rescheduling of medical marijuana in South Africa. Social media is full of others promoting these companies but you, always, had the first mover advantage by subscribing.


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