Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 245


Retail Investor's Perspective

On August 21st, the Yahoo homepage include the below image and one click to you to a fairly convincing write up with respect to current events at the Klondike Gold Corp (TSXV:KG; OTC:KDKGF). Please refer to the “ARTICLE LINKS” page elsewhere in this publication for that published material. You will note at the very end of the material it clearly reads “This piece is an advertorial and has been paid for”.

On that day the share price increased from $0.38 to $0.49 before trading was halted at 9.50am – an impressive 29% gain in only 20 minutes one a volume in excess of 1.05 million shares (a typical trading day. Trading resume on August 22nd and the volume that day after the trade resumption was 6.34 million and the shares close that day at $0.45. The shares reached a high of $0.60 on August 25th and 28th and subsequent retreated to the mid $0.30’s.

In no way is this a case study that debunks or discredits the company or any party affiliated with the company, any assertions made, or the advertising firm that commissioned the piece.

Klondike Gold, issued a news release titled “Klondike Gold Clarifies and Retracts Technical Disclosures” and that news release can also be found on our “ARTICLE LINKS” page. The purpose of this news release was to:

“clarify and retract disclosure pertaining to an article featuring Klondike Gold entitled “How Technology Is Fueling The Next Gold Rush” which appeared on the website

The article is the product of a corporate communicator attempting to encapsulate the news and direction of the Company’s exploration efforts specifically over the past three years as part of an awareness initiative.