Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 198


As with all of our Q&A sessions, we were not approached or requested to undertake the Q&A but rather we approach

those companies that we feel the timing is right. No compensation of any kind or in any form is every offered, requested, expected, or received.

CCIM: Thank you very much for taking a moment to bring our readers up to speed with Quinsam. Out of the gate, there is not an official USA symbol (OTC or otherwise) and you are investing in USA companies. Will an official USA listing be coming?

QCA: We have not decided on whether to get a US listing yet. It is something we will seriously consider over the coming months.

CCIM: On May 10th, you announced a planned acquisition of High Standard Royalty Corp. There have been no updates since that time. Plainly, what is the status of this acquisition?

QCA: We continue to expect the acquisition to proceed in the coming few weeks.

CCIM: QCA has declared/paid a regular dividend since 2014. With the shift to a focus on the cannabis/hemp industry, is there any concern that this regular dividend may be in jeopardy?

QCA: We intend to continue with our current dividend policy. We think it is an interesting differentiator for us versus other cannabis-related equities. I of course have to qualify this by saying that it is possible that our intentions could change in the future.

CCIM: At time of writing, QCA has a current market cap of approximately $4.2M with a share price of $0.165 and only 23.7 million shares outstanding. From an Investor perspective, what differentiates QCA? That is to say, why invest in Quinsam?

Louis Kyron: CCIM

Roger Dent: QCA



Quinsam Capital Corporation