Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 177



will thrive. Some notable members on our team include Chris Murphy, a director of one of Canada’s largest grocery distributors, Star Produce. Andrew Steane is a global director at SAP. Andrew Wnek was a Senior Vice President at Canadian Tire, and controller at Hudson’s Bay Company, more relevant and more recently he was the CFO of Heart and Stroke Foundation, MS Society, and currently the CFO of Canadian Cancer Society. Paul Evanov owns the largest independent operator of radio stations in Canada. The list goes on and on and I’ll let you do some research on where they fit into our future ambitions.

CCIM: Let’s turn the conversation more towards the intended audience of our publications and that is to those looking at the industry as a place to invest. Succinctly (or perhaps provide a link), how does your relationship with Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp, and their investment in Beleave, translate into shareholder value?

BE: The agreement is completely accretive for our shareholders and in more ways than one beneficial to both sides. To elaborate we have worked with some of the key members of CBW for quite some time and the relationship has been nothing but a positive experience. They are some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals and our free flow of ideas and exchange of support has led to both us achieving a license and eventually expanding our footprint. Rather than looking at them as a potential threat, we view them as a partner in pioneering this industry together. We focus on our strengths and they focus on theirs. Together our impact is greater. Similar to the way the skill set of each Beleave team members complement each other, CBW compliments and fills the gaps for Beleave. Down the road, it will lead to a larger knowledge base and ability to stay competitive against larger players. It gives us access to the vast connections of the CBW team and capital draw when we find it necessary without shareholder dilution.