Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 176


CCIM: Your company is no stranger to post-secondary education as evidenced by an earlier announcement with respect to a collaboration with Ryerson University. An update in July stated that Dr. Lesley Campbell, an Associate Professor, is of the opinion that the research will potentially better industrialize medical cannabis. To the extent that you are able to divulge, how is that research progressing and when might results be made known?

BE: We have made tremendous strides with our collaboration with Ryerson University. So far, we have announced a proprietary extraction technique and have started both a genetics breeding project, as well as a secondary follow up bioisolation project. There is much more in the works that unfortunately I am not at the liberty to say at the moment.

CCIM: One of my most basic tenets for investing that I have stated several times is to invest in the team. Our readers can learn more about the team at BE from your website as well as content appearing elsewhere in this month’s issue of our magazine (Canada and USA editions – each with a slightly different level of content) – however, right here and now, what makes the team at Beleave stand out?

BE: We have a vast array of professionals with a proven track record of success from some of Canada’s largest corporations. The team members are strategically placed into areas of the business where they will thrive. Some notable members on our team include Chris Murphy, a director of one of Canada’s largest grocery distributors, Star Produce. Andrew Steane is a global director at SAP. Andrew Wnek was a Senior Vice President at Canadian Tire, and controller at Hudson’s Bay Company, more relevant and more recently he was the CFO of Heart and Stroke Foundation, MS Society, and currently the CFO of Canadian Cancer Society. Paul Evanov owns the largest independent operator of radio stations in Canada. The list goes on and on and I’ll let you do some research on where they fit into our future ambitions.

Q: CannaInvestor Magazine (CCIM)

Louis Kyron, CPA, CGA

A: Roger Ferreira PhD., CEO

Beleave, Inc. (BE)