Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 174


CCIM: According to your website, Beleave’s stated goal is simple:

“Our long-term objective isn’t complicated: We hope to provide a consistent, reliable and standardized product to suit the needs of every person. The founding team members of Beleave have chosen this profession with the intent to further the unexplored medicinal applications of cannabis”.

However, these are plants and not machine-made widgets, so what has Beleave done (or is doing) to reach that goal of a “consistent, reliable and standardized product”?

BE: It all begins with standardized tailored cultivation practices on our live plant material that try to ensure the maximization of the genetic potential of any one given plant. In layman terms, we give a personalized touch to each plant to make sure it is as good as its genetics allow it to be. Once the few strains that we grow well have been grown, harvested, dried and cured, we extract the medicinal components of the plant. Extracts and the technology behind them is where the true standardization of medicine comes into play. We have a proprietary methodology for whole plant extraction of cannabinoids that we can refine into near pure product. Those bioisolated components of the plant can then be recombined and reformulated into consistent, reliable, and standardized products. The patient and

Q: CannaInvestor Magazine (CCIM)

Louis Kyron, CPA, CGA

A: Roger Ferreira PhD., CEO

Beleave, Inc. (BE)