Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 133

- Increasing number of allegations of scams, schemes, and fraud.

- Increasing number of investigations AND perhaps worse using social media and other means to start false rumours that there are investigations.

- Multiple IDs on Social Media and Bulletin Boards. Use newsletters, Boards, and Social Media to work their craft. This may be an OTC alert but one should not be letting their guard down to believe shares of companies on Canadian exchanges are immune.

- If (when) proven incorrect, they will point to one or more events that had an effect on one of the many variables affecting supply and/or demand as their excuse as to why their forecast proved untrue.

- Domain name grabs with inferior content. One such imposter site that I recently intentionally navigated to had Norton blocking an attack ranked “high” on the threat scale. My only specific advice on this reference is that if it is not then it is not the real site. The nature of the failed attack was to capture personal information from the computer.

- There is the well-meaning in society – please refer to our Article Links section for “advocacy group” to see just what I mean. However, such distractions add a cost to all affected parties as lawyers have been retained to sue Ottawa and LPs once prohibition ends.

- Ensure you understand how the forces of supply and demand may affect the Cannabis industry in an adult recreational market and what companies operate primarily in what Provinces and Territories. Do they have international and/or sector diversification (for example, in Germany? A Hemp line? Clinic networks? Strategic JVs and partnerships?).

- The Supply and Demand analysis can be drilled down to the sector level and even to sub-groups (late stage applicants and those with international expansion) or at the company level. At the company level, the number of shares outstanding, dilution, short positions, and so forth may be factors affecting supply and/or demand. If enough promoters and market manipulators can influence retail investors, is that not also a shift of demand for investment dollars?

Not discussed above but how might this affect the supply, if at all, of medical marijuana? Can you identify at least one individual or company using newsletters, emails, and/or social media using the overall complicated supply and demand of this industry to appear bearish to move money out of this industry and into industries that they are known to represent? One was referenced last month with a link to the actual article (and within that article is another link to such an individual and the fund they manage) and another in this article with reference to OGI. Understanding supply and demand is often the key to turning green into gold.