Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 118




Our subscribers know one basic truth about being a part of the growing CannaInvestor Magazine readership and that is by learning and adopting our strategies and picks we have demonstrated that we turn GREEN into GOLD and ahead of the pack. But at the basis of this work that our professional team does for our readers each month is a strong understanding of supply and demand for all facets of the industry.

The basic concept of supply and demand is relatively simple yet can become very complex very fast. Misinformation by the unscrupulous only add layers of noise. Two recent examples of such misinformation:

1 Recent opinion piece (July 2017) that was written under the guise of being driven by Economic Principles yet just a few quotes from it reveals all:

But what about the inevitable economic slow-down? The cannabis industry is one among many currently experiencing an inflationary boom.

Cannabis will always be popular. But to imagine a multilayered economy where anyone in the weed business is a millionaire just isn’t going to happen. Without easy access to credit, many cannabis companies will end up like the bankrupt companies of the dot-com bubble from the early 2000s.

The cannabis bubble originates from Ottawa and Bay Street, not BC. The stock-trading licensed producers regulated by Ottawa are the ones in trouble. A few will make it out alive, but even that’s up for debate. The future of cannabis in Canada looks very much like the dot-com situation from the early 2000s.