Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 112


Louis Kyron: CCIM

Riley McGee: CHV



CCIM: Does ABcann have any relationships with medical clinics that in turn will recommend ABcann strains based on individual patient needs? If not, are there plans?

ABCN: Yes that part of the industry is a little different. You see a number of the larger companies with direct investments and/or they function within that realm. Right now because we only went public and strong cash position for four months, the company did not previously and does not currently, but we do have contracts with some of the clinics, and we pay one of the lowest referral rates around because our product leads to word-of- mouth and we get

referrals that way, because we do track that measure. As guidance comes out on how distribution is going to look province by province, and at the federal level hopefully this fall, I would expect something from ABcann that is a bit more direct to the consumer.

CCIM: At time of writing, Abcann has a current market cap of

approximately $90M with a share price under $1. A cultivation license (and sales for dry) and a pending oils license. From both a patient perspective and from an investor’s perspective – Why choose Abcann?

ABCN: Patient based product will always stand the test of time. Batch over batch consistency will always win out. Strong cash position (approximately half of their market cap) and next year will be very exciting for patients, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

CCIM: That’s about it and I thank you so much for your time. Is there an email or link our readers as well as prospective patients can learn more?

ABCN: Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. Yes, patients can investors alike can find us at Our corporate presentation and investor information can be found specifically at