Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 111


CCIM: With more Licenses being approved by Health Canada and a predicted supply shortage looming once the legal adult recreational markets comes into being … what differentiates ABcann’s strains? What is specifically meant by the term “Pharma Grade” that one associates with ABcann?

ABCN: Pesticide-Free leads to a pharm grade, the quality and consistency in the health of the product because of how its grown leads to pharma grade. I think if you are looking at the medical market as patients rely on a consistent product, where the deviation between their THC and CBD levels and the blends that they are actually taking in, the “pharma” would represent consistency. I think if you were to canvas users of our product, and the marketplace in general, we are often referred to as the most consistent grower, our product being the most consistent out of all the LP’s in the country right now.

CCIM: I believe that there are currently three certified organic producers in

Canada including yourselves. Why is the organic status important to your patients, medical professionals when making recommendations, and to shareholders?

ABCN: Organic has become a huge category just even with food products. And there is a lot of patients and consumers that’s the preferred route. They want to use organic products as a whole and that translates very well. As the adult market comes out, organic again will gain its own foothold. People will search out an organically made, pesticide-free product all of the time. And if there is only

three growers then it puts us right into the front on that category. And then even further if you are looking at ways of how to message and market it, to differentiate yourself from others, organic is one good way. And as we’ve seen with pesticide issues it becomes more relevant, you can’t call yourself an organic product when you’ve had those problems. So it should continue to put us in the light and I think those things when you add all of them together, will consistently bring more shareholder value.