Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 110


Louis Kyron: CCIM

Riley McGee: CHV



CCIM: Until recently, the pages on your website for ABcann Europe and ABcann Australia “were under construction” and that remains the case for Australia; however, the Europe section is now active. Your Frankfurt exchange listing was also announced just a weeks ago. Is ABcann close to making an announcement with respect to Europe and in particular Germany?

ABCN: Yes, we will continue to see developments and news coming from not only the German government but also about what are strategy is over there. We are keeping the team focused, we are definitely focused on domestic capacity, domestic sales because the guidelines are clear cut. As far as what’s happening in the German market, I think it’s a great gateway to what is going to happen in the rest of western Europe but as regulations and laws are rolled out by the German government, we will make more of a decision then, and if it’s more of a distribution model, or if it’s a cultivation route we go, it’s really challenging to make that decision today. But those would be the newsworthy events I would expect you’d see from us as we navigate the path with the German government.

CCIM: With much talk about potential downside to investing in Canadian listed companies with US operations, can you advise our readers and your stakeholders on what, if any, foothold ABcann has in the USA?

ABCN: We have no foothold right now in the US. Obviously we are on the TSX Venture Exchange. The goal is to eventually graduate to the big board. Both of those exchanges prevent you from doing direct business in the US. We are looking at opportunities in the US, they would probably be done under a creative type of structure, just because of the rules and regulations, but at this time we don’t have any sort of foothold down there.