Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October 2017 - Page 108


As with all of our Q&A sessions, we were not approached or requested to undertake the Q&A but rather we approach those companies that we feel the timing is right. No compensation of any kind or in any form is every offered, requested, expected, or received.

CCIM: Thank you very much for taking a moment to bring our readers up to speed with ABcann. There is a lot there so I will try to be brief and readers are encouraged to read the in-depth coverage of Abcann inside out last issue as well as within our July issue.

ABCN: Thank you to CannaInvestor Magazine for providing this opportunity to discuss ABcann.

CCIM: Recent coverage of ABcann states there is approximately $43M cash in hand and a production facility that is located on 65 acres of wholly owned property. This would suggest that ABcann is not finished yet with expansion and/or announcements …?

ABCN: We are really just starting if you look at it from an expansion and a production/capacity perspective. The 65 acres is the Kinmet facility and we are currently doubling capacity at Vanluven. Production will be online in March 2018 from the added expansion.

ABcann is building 100,000 sq feet is being built by ABcann. This should be online in August 2018 and every three months after that there is expected to be granted. With respect to Cannabis Wheaton, until the next milestone payment work does not commence.

CCIM: Some are confused about the structure of your recent agreement with Wheaton Cannabis Income Corp such as the revenue sharing arrangement. Can you expand on this and how this will ultimately convert shareholder value?

Louis Kyron: CCIM

Riley McGee: CHV