Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 63



need. More often than not people just don’t take the time to sit down with our veterans and go through the arduous process with them. Even though we are not currently selling any product, we are more than happy to assist in steering them in the right direction.

CCIM: At time of writing, BE has a current market cap of approximately $50M with a relatively low public share float. Succinctly, why invest in shares of BE and why now?

BE: Beleave is currently positioned relatively inexpensive compared to other producers with a license. If you are investing in us, it is because we have a great team of professionals and are well known in the industry with a clean corporate image. We have delivered on all of our promises to date, and have done in it in a very fiscally responsible manner with lots of room to expand on our property. Obviously, as with anyone that has just recently obtained a production license, there are many catalysts on the horizon for us given our research ambitions, outreach programs, and growth potential. The company is a couple of years behind in licensing of many producers that now sit with close to billon dollar or more valuations. A couple of years back at the same stage of licensing, they were sitting with similar market caps to the one we have today. The industry has barely just begun. We are entering the second inning and it has nowhere to go but forward. By keeping our capital structure, we can see share prices compared to the biggest player with a quarter of the market cap value. With Beleave you invest in a fiscally responsible team that controls spending and maximizes output.