Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 61



CCIM: The question on everyone’s mind. Beleave received its license to cultivate in May. For those not familiar with the process, two successful batch harvests must be cultivated prior to Health Canada awarding a sales license. Based on observing the time span between the granting of a cultivate license and a sales license at other publicly traded LPs, it is fair for shareholders to assume a sales license should be granted before we see the end of 2017?

BE: Two successful lots have to be harvested. We have completed the harvest and drying of those lots and have sent them out for lab testing. We are confident about it happening in 2017.

CCIM: Building on that last question, does Beleave intend to pursue an Oils production licence (and from there a sales licence)? Can potential patients pre-register in anticipation of the granting of a sales license? What is your approximate timeline to have strains for sale (# of weeks/months from being granted a sales license and not a specific month etc)?

BE: Beleave has already applied for a license to produce and ship limited quantities of cannabis oil to section 56 licensees for research purposes, and is currently preparing to submit a license amendment for commercial oil production. We are currently not taking pre-registrations and are sending patients to other LP’s. Judging from our mailing list and response rate, we fear that we will not have enough product for patients as it is when we roll out. So rather than setting up many for disappointment, we are going to go on a first come first serve basis when/if we obtain a sales license.