Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 3

The Nomad 2.0 is specifically designed to operate on a 110/120 electrical system.

This system will also operate with a generator.

We called it the Nomad due to the ease by which it can be transported to almost any site.

It is a commercial grade extractor that can be expanded to meet your specific processing needs.

The base unit will accommodate approximately 16 to 20 lbs of material per day (depending on the product used).

Add a second Satellite to the base system and you have doubled your capacity, add a third Satellite and you have tripled your volume without changing your initial machine.

The recovery time between runs is approximately 45 minutes.

Each Satellite or reactor collects extract in a separate collection vessel, thereby enabling the operator to run 3 separate strains at the same time. Your efficiency is accelerated with this feature of the Nomad 2.0.

Our containment vessels are fully jacketed for performance and efficiency.

With a built-in compressor unit, the Nomad 2.0 has the ability to bring temperatures in the solvent tank to minus 35 (-35d), eliminating the need for chillers.

A fully self-contained temperature controlled system with illuminated gauges lets the operator know what the operating temperatures are on both the hot and cold vessels.

The jacketed Tubes expedite recovery, saving the operators valuable time.

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