Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 283

Retail Investor's Perspective



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Notice how there were not any visits to social media searches quoting their own ulterior motives.

There was no visiting the sites of paid promoters or paid subscription services. What does one expect to find from a paid promoter’s social media feed or websites? Chances are all candies and nuts if the company is a paid client and anything from crickets to some reference or coverage to downright allegations

of stock manipulation if the company is not their paid client but is with a competitor marketing agent.

How well did you do on your analysis of CMED? Perhaps you cross compared some of its key metrics to others in the industry (share count, patient count, market cap,

revenues, capacity [perhaps out to 2020], diversification, USA exposure, etc). From above, had it as a “Buy” and as “Outperform” and what about a source that most brokerages use such as Morningstar Research?

Is TSX listed CMED an ideal investment for the Retail Investor? Your due dilligence based solely on the tenets used in this case study combined with third party attestation and valuation may give a binary answer (yes or no); however, remember the most important tenets – know your risk tolerance, time horizon, funds available (ie: what can be lost), and so forth.