Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 26


Roger Ferreira Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer (Former CEO)

Management &


Dr. Ferreira received his PhD in neuroimmunology, with a focus on how brain inflammation can be curbed, especially relevant to the neural harm that occurs with neurodegenerative disease, and stroke. Roger has authored several peer-reviewed publications, and has presented his work at international conferences. His area of research is particularly relevant to medical marihuana, as there is evidence that cannabinoids can limit certain inflammation in the brain, an exciting area of research that will reveal how marihuana may affect symptoms of disease.

Mr. Panagiotakopoulos has spent 14 years in the Realestate development industry as the Owner and CEO Cardinal Group's land development division. He has built a career drafting, presenting, and negotiating government contracts. Further, Mr. Panagiotakopoulos has also spent five years as President and CEO of Hamilton Solar, developing renewable energy projects for the Ontario Power Authority. He has built Ontario's first large scale Elevated Solar Tracking array on commercial land. Mr. Panagiotakopoulos expertise in managing specialized development projects has allowed for cost effective project advancement.

Bill Panagiotakopoulos

Chief Operating Officer, Director

Andrew T. Wnek, CA, CPA, B.COMM, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew originally worked with beleave as a senior financial executive and member of the audit and compensation committee. Andrew originally worked with beleave as a senior financial executive and member of the audit and compensation committee. In October of 2017, he was named Chief Executive Officer in a move that saw former CEO, Roger Ferreira, take on the duties of Chief Science Officer. Andrew’s significant retail, oil and gas, and not for profit industry experience has seen him hold senior finance roles with Canadian Tire Corporation including Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration in a twenty-one year career. He also developed strong technology knowledge as the Chief Information Officer for over seven years for the same Corporation. Most recently, he was the National CFO for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Andrew has served on several Boards including his position as Finance Chair for six years on the Royal Conservatory of Music Board and as Audit Committee Chair for Momentum, a technology service provider. Married with three children, has volunteered extensively for a number of schools and served with a community association for over ten years.