Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 227


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Perhaps investors are waiting to see what decisions are made with respect to legislation. Risk is there, to be sure. But it could be a game changer if their units can get into the hands of officers across Canada and around the world. Not to mention other potential uses for products such as those offered by Cannabix and Hound Labs, such as sports arenas, airports, schools, theatres and concert festivals and venues. Based on recent pilot testing results and the debate going forward on impairment with THC, there is a opportunity for these players and others mentioned above, to capitalize on this market, a big opportunity to be sure. Considerable risks remain, but there will be something in place by July 1st 2018 here in Canada to be certain. That is a fact. What that is, still remains to be seen.

No doubt there are challenges ahead on determining THC impairment levels, but recent Bill C-46 debates leave no doubt that a tool is required to measure it. Opinion and subjectivity just doesn’t cut it.

Spiro Sertsis, CPA, CMA @SpiroSertsis