Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 224


It is interesting to note that “any such screening device would have to be approved by the Attorney General of Canada”. With its patented technology, working with Canadian university on research, and residing in Canada, Cannabix Technologies Inc. (“Cannabix”) (CSE: BLO, OTC: BLOZF, Frankfurt: 8CT:FRA) could be poised to capitalize on this market. Especially if the government goes with current rhetoric heard from our friends south of the border, and implements a “buy Canadian” prerequisite for these types of devices. That is, of course, IF the federal government decides on these types of devices in lieu of saliva testing or any other method. A lot of “if” yes, but an interesting opportunity to keep an eye on.

Companies such as Canada’s own Cannabix and Hound Labs, based in Oakland California, are developing technology to give instantaneous test results, using Approved Screening Devices. Others such as Lion Laboratories Limited, Lifeloc Technologies, Inc., Andatech Private Limited, C4 Development Ltd., BACtrack, and Intoximeters, Inc., among others, are some but not all of the recognizable key players, however, it doesn’t appear as if any are in the portable device market for testing drug impairment.

Cannabix has differed in its testing from Hound Labs by working towards a clinical, medically approved device, although the Hound Labs device is now

being tested in a clinical trial at the University of California, San Francisco, according to their website, after raising $8.1 million from a venture capital company. Cannabix Technologies is working with the Yost Research Group at the University of Florida and has exclusive worldwide rights on the University of Florida’s Patent in the area of breath analysis of controlled substances. They are working together to identify THC in ultra-low ranges using this patented technology, and is currently testing its detection of THC through exhaled breath in British Columbia (British Columbia Institute of Technology) as well as the University of Florida. Both products are still in the testing phase, with Cannabix recently releasing its Beta 3.0 model.