Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 212


CCIM:Your most recent published Financial Statements were for the period ended March 31st. Subsequent to that date, but prior to your next quarter end date, you announced the closing of a successful private placement for CAD$275,000. What were these funds used for and when can we expect to see your June 30th statements?

GCAC:GCAC focus is to create maximum shareholder value based on each dollar brought into the company and for each share issued. Funds received in this previous raise went to the establishment of the GCAC Australia entity, identifying and securing the needed technology partnerships and product development.

CCIM: The focus of GCAC is clear yet ambitious. Can you advise of what your revenue model is and any projections that can be shared at this time? What is your projected Net Income as a % of revenues?

GCAC: We have run revenue projections for in-app advertising and data revenue projects that we will be releasing shortly. We do see a significant revenue opportunity with our e-wallet and seeding that with user earned Digital Reward Tokens. All of this is related to our product development and pending app roll out. It is important to note that a large number of the existing Foro and Opinit users fall into our Citizen Green app demographic and as such this will give us a good jumpstart in creating data flow.