Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 211


GCAC:We have seen many comments about the lack of medical cannabis data on usage or product testing. Our experience, however, has provided us a different insight and as such we selected to partner with the founder of the CannaDeck, Adolfo Gonzales. The CannaDeck is based on 10 years plus of customer facing conversations and surveys in the Canadian medical cannabis program. As such this IP was built into Prescriptii & Cannalife and is visualized in the CannaCube. This core anecdotal dataset is the start to a much richer data picture we are creating through ongoing user engagement and external sources within the blockchain environment. By working with some of the industry’s leading data scientist and partners we will be able to create a predictable and reliable product outcome for users to get the best potential product match for what ails them. This is what we call the ‘Pain to Strain’ model. When you consider that in the US less than 3% of doctors prescribe a medical cannabis product even in legal regions, i.e. California, Colorado, there is a need to provide this refined data to these professionals. GCAC’s objective is to work with regulators in the way that they need to accomplish their medical cannabis objectives.

CCIM:So there is no doubt in our reader's minds, GCAC is in the ancillary sector in that GCAC does not “touch the plant” … is that correct? This may be of particular interest to USA investors as I see you have an OTC symbol.

GCAC: That is correct. GCAC is about medical cannabis data and alignment of the data for a better output. We believe that the need for correct and accurate data is critical for this industry to grow and thrive.