Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 210

CCIM:According to your website, it states that Citizen Green is targeted at the European market and starting with Germany where medical marijuana has been legalized. Why Europe as the focused target rather than Canada or those American states where it has been legalized?

GCAC:We actually view all of the 42 medical cannabis jurisdictions around the world as opportunities. Germany is very attractive to us as there are now 65 million people who have legal access to cannabis medical products for one of 61 ailments, as such this means that it could become the largest medical cannabis market in the world. However, all these medical cannabis programs suffer from a common problem; a lack of approved regulated and reliable med canna products. With many canna programs already announced, regulators are struggling to figure out how to get approved products to patients. Additionally, there is a big issue in education and knowledge regarding prescribing medical cannabis products amongst doctors and pharmacists. Currently, we are seeing thinking evolve among regulators to use cannabis related data in clinical studies to create a faster path to product approval. Because Australia is becoming a leader in this direction and our high-level connections, i.e. the founders of Medical Cannabis Council are part of GCAC Australia, we have decided to launch in Australia with the goal of rolling out to all other global markets. Interestingly enough even big pharma is exploring the use of the big data as a way to expedite their traditional products to market.

CCIM:How is the Trademark pending “Pain the Strain” application different from others on the market and what is the value to stakeholders of the data it collects (GCAC, patients, doctors, investors, etc.)?