Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 207

•AI Predictive Analysis : The massive pipeline of big data that will be pouring through GCAC infrastructure plays (from Apps to AI to GCAC Blockchain), will permit curation of data with a view to predictive analysis for diagnosis (amongst other outcomes) from some of the world’s leading Data Science teams. It is anticipated that data science will lead to predictive analysis of GCAC’s existing Pain to Strain model that will be valuable to users of the GCAC Apps for better health outcomes.

Example, when a user enters in their details, they will get a predictive analysis with a weighted score for the medical cannabis strain and product that is most likely to benefit their needs.


Citizens Green: The First End-To-End Medical Cannabis Platform: Starting and ending with the user facing experiences captured in the Cannalife and Prescriptii Apps, and flowing through the infrastructure of a sophisticated user data registry ledger built upon leading blockchain technologies, GCAC will be the only data company in the medical cannabis space to offer an end to end data aggregation and user delivery solution.