Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 206

In doing so, the Blockchain will be pivotal in attracting external databases, accelerating knowledge and solution finding to mitigate any regulatory roadblocks. The GCAC Medical Cannabis Blockchain will lock in data from multiple global sources – and back to end user via the GCAC APPS. It will be a resource to build scientific and corporate relationships, secure access to cutting edge data and clinical research databases, and facilitate Government engagement and support. The GCAC Blockchain will help accelerate data collection, build stickier engagement opportunities for users, generate more valuable data and insights and build trust for users.

•GCAC (ICO) Tokens = Loyalty program for Prescriptii and CannaLife App Users: Based upon the Blockchain proposed for medical cannabis regulated data, and encompassing the above technologies, GCAC will offer tokens to Citizen Green app users created from an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Tokens will be used by app users to ensure a pristine user feedback reward and create a ‘super sticky’ loyalty experience for users of the Apps. Users will be incentivized to ‘vote’ on and ‘share’ their medical cannabis experiences being rewarded with GCAC Digital Reward Tokens. These tokens will fund a users in app e-wallet and will be redeemable at medical cannabis product outlets near them. The launched ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will also offer digital tokens for crowd funding sale to medical cannabis data interest groups to raise funds for Blockchain development.

•Big Data and External Database Acquisition: The Blockchain and Tokens will provide a liquid mechanism to negotiate acquisition (or access) to Users data and external medical cannabis databases. These external databases will include clinical trials, cannabinoid libraries, strain reports, LP lists, product releases, user registries etc. GCAC will hold the most valuable assets for data sharing and database acquisition in the medical cannabis market.