Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 204

Market Advantages:

To become the most trusted search engine for medical cannabis searches and community, GCAC must offer users the best content, data and most user-friendly user experience available.

The launch IP built into Prescriptii & Cannalife Apps is their proprietary 10 year field research database of anecdotal medical cannabis field research from the CannaDeck visualized as IP we call the CannaCube.

No other medical cannabis app has this resource.

The CannaCube anecdotal user database provides the foundation to all GCAC search functionality. The CannaCube database grows with every reported user experience.

Both Prescriptii & Cannalife Apps are positioned for community building, with both Apps offering content and social engagement options.

Cannalife is the primary social vehicle, positioned to build a highly engaging search user base of organic conversations, groups and communities.

The vibrant medical cannabis engaged communities will provide greater insights and valuable data that will continually fueling build the CannaCube database.