Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 180

Another good strategy – are there any companies manufacturing THC Breathalyzers? Spiro Sertsis’ article this month has it covered!

And of course the ongoing strategy of recognizing what sources may be worth avoiding such as those that rather than admit they missed an opportunity state that they actually did know but either forgot to inform their followers/subscribers or worse yet intentionally kept the information for themselves.

For example, even though we have included Glance Technologies in past content, the opportunity to invest in their warrants was not stated. I am not about to say I knew of their warrants all along but misfiled my paperwork on them nor am I going to say that I was secretly buying them and did not want to share this secret with you. Yet, one headline spammer did just that with respect to the secretly knew about the company and was investing in it all along without discussing it to his followers.