Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 179


- What about other companies with a tech play? Quadron Cannatech Corp (CSE:QCC) certainly comes to mind. Canada House Wellness Group (CSE:CHV) not only has a low market cap, has impressive revenues, wholly owns a large successful clinic network, wholly owns a Licensed Producer, but also wholly owns Knalysis Technologies and with it a successful mobile app (Knalysis Technologies). And once again, PUF is a case study this month for good reason due in part to its mobile App WeadBeacon.

With a company such as CHV, you are getting overlapping strategies that just may be complimentary – licenced producer with strong growing revenues and a low market cap, Joint Ventures and partnerships, clinic network, mobile application, and run by an expert dedicated team. Companies such as AbCann Global Corp (TSXV:ABCN; OTC:ABCCF) and Beleave Inc (CSE:BE; OTC:BLEVF) also hit several strategies.

Just be careful because as the saying goes “all boats rise with the tide” so more than ever the hucksters can work their craft luring people by using game theory and empty promises of the next big thing. From past articles, we know The Monty Hall Problem is a tactic they often employed and being lured away from a 2.5% GIC or even a 20% performing fund for even the chance of finding the next 3700% ROI (eg: $GET.c.wt) may be too much temptation for some.