Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 178

If you choose to consider these or other companies, try to apply our other content including strategies in your due diligence and here are but a few quick examples.

- $GET.c has free trading warrants that saw their price increase from $0.025 to $0.95 in just weeks (or more than 3700%).

- Pumpers and bashers? A well-known headline spammer in social media that seems to post anything and everything on this industry recently critiqued a company for not having a twitter account. Really - that is a material relevant investment criteria warranting critical commentary?

If this individual understood these matters the individual would realize that social media accounts are often targeted to gain access in to a company by hackers. This recent CSA bulletin may also be a reason why some companies, including the one question, may not have such accounts at this time (overhaul, review, etc). Nevertheless, hardly relevant other than to highlight the depths these online characters will go to cast an unfavourable light on companies that are not in their wheelhouse or client list.

- Do the companies appear on a CannaInvestor Magazine Stock pick list?

- And any other metrics of your choosing – low market cap, revenues, market

share, share count and dilution, etc.



The late stage applicant strategy and the low market cap + revenue strategies remain in play as do the strategies around ancillary companies. The new kid on the block strategy can also be updated an LP was publicly listed on November 3 – Benchmark Botanics Inc (CSE:BBT). Can we merge the old world (cannabis) with the new world (latest in high tech security and encryption)? If so, could that be a strategy in itself? There are a few companies that operate in both the legal cannabis industry as well as in the latest encryption technologies, such as blockchain, and here are but few examples: