Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 177


With respect to the last bullet, more than a few have said to me that they recognize when it is happening but so long as they make money where is the harm and how is that different than receiving legitimate advice? Think of a pyramid scheme as eventually there are indeed the bag holders who are the last fools standing. Perhaps Peter Letham said it best when he coined the phrase “poisons and medicine are oftentimes the same substance given with different intent”. There is no substitute for old fashioned time and effort (due diligence) … and our magazine’s content just may reveal your industry portfolio one stock at a time.

Our articles and content are often connected. Lately, I have written about strategies to consider rather than about specific companies (I leave that more and more for the case studies and the Stock Pick lists). We stated in May that Health Canada needed to streamline and expedite the approval process to reduce the severity of any supply shortages – within only a day or two, Heath Canada announced exactly that. The announcement came out during O’Cannabiz in Toronto and many experts were caught off guard by the game changing announcement – but we were not caught off guard and neither were you. The articles from Spiro Sertsis have been more product, geography, or niche specific, and the Technical Analysis content from Ryan Hum and Dylan Rogers along with the stock lists are a drill down to the company level. Jason DeJean is an Investment Advisor and is always available to our subscribers (contact Jason about Private Placement opportunities for example) and of course one cannot say enough about the content provided by the industry leading team at Minden Gross LLP. The content is all connected and together form a top down or bottom up approach each month. Connecting the dots turns green into gold - the CannaInvestor Magazine Advantage.