Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 175


promoter/influencer and are their comments directed at a company that is not their client? The carrot and stick approach could be at play … if you are a client you receive promotional write ups and if you are not a client you risk some sour commentary. I may have used the term “carrot and stick” but others may refer to it as extortion or being similar to a “protection racket”. Regardless, it is all noise that only detracts from the Retail Investor and that is exactly why this is repeated each month just as our proven pioneering industry leading analysis, content, and strategies are also updated and repeated.

The CBC itself weighed in on this very tactic:

Scammers are moving away from email and taking to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Watch out for overly promotional language about the "next big thing" or something "going to the top of the charts". Don't respond to direct messages about investments or stocks that come to you via social networks or text message. Resist the temptation to repost, retweet, or redistribute information about a stock that's being heavily promoted on social networks or the internet. Remove companies or people from your social networks who aggressively promote investments. SOURCE

I pay little attention to the blatant headline spammers and bots but it saddens me when some pretend to be there in your best interests by creating entire personas “dedicated” to identifying the scam companies – months later they have a handful of followers and their posted information is just utter nonsense. Chances are the Cannacon Detector user ID some may be following in hopes to filter out the bad companies may as well have chosen the user name Complete Donkey instead.