Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 167


Retail Investor's Perspective

Only time will tell but one would suspect it would not be material looking at the home brew market but regardless the fact that getting house insurance is problematic likely answers that question – will an insurer step up?

The other threat of course comes from the black market. By example, Ontario’s legislation goes a long way to ensure that adults will be sold cannabis only produced by Health Canada licenced cultivators and sold only by lawful distribution channels. One can only hope the other Provinces the territories consider similar legislation. The likely voidance of insurance for any landlord who rents store space to an illegal distributor should also help with this aspect of Ecoforming.

In December of 2016, a popular personality was quoted in the Globe and Mail was drawing comparisons to the dot-com era. One month prior, the November 2016 issue of the USA edition of CannaInvestor Magazine included an article on the comparison to the industry to the dot-com era. That article could have just as easily been written today and I encourage you to read that article. The notion that this is another dot-com scenario in the making is often perpetuated by those with a stake in the existing black market, in other industries that are losing investment dollars to companies in the legal cannabis market, or want to stand out by being contrarian - but with all such things there is typically a kernel of truth.